Silicone RFID Wristband achieved a water park magnate

RFID Wristband

In the southeast of China, there is a large area of a water park, brought in much interesting equipment and different Amusement facilities. In the beginning, once in summer, lots of guests come to the water park.

However, problems come up, clients experience goes down, visitors losing. The boss feels very anxious, even made promotion, advertisement, discounts, It’s still not getting better.

Afterword accidental opportunity, the boss of the water park talking to an access system engineer, and finally he laughed.

Let’s see what they are talking about and how does rfid-enabled wristband works!
Engineer: What’s kind of problems happened to your water park?

Boss: At the beginning, my water park attracted a large number of guests to come. However, staffs need to check their tickets one by one, guests have to wait for a long time to enter the water park. On the other hand, not every facility welcomed by everyone. We used an individual ticket for each equipment.

In this way, every visitor wastes much time on queue up. some others saw such long line, give up directly. What’s worse, some visitors lost their valuables in large clouds, they will not come again anymore. At the same time, they share this bad experience with their friends, families. I have to say this make me heavy losses.

Engineer: Only this problem? That’s a piece of cake!

Engineer laughed, the boss feels confused!

 RFID wristband system comes on the stage!

Boss: Not only this,  sometime visitors come to the water park, another challenge they faced. Where should they put on the storage key? As you know all valuable and clothing storage in the box, this is the key to access. 

It’s easy to lose it during playing in water or pool, if they always take care of the key in hand, they couldn’t enjoy themselves. What’s more, the key would hurt themselves or others if clouded.

Engineer: Have you ever think to use the Silicone RFID Bracelet instead of the key?The RFID chip wristband is smooth, soft, flexible, wearable, waterproof, all your problems solved?

The boss was dubious about it and continued to say: we set up some shops in the water park but is hard to sell out. People cannot take their wallet together. If want to buy, have to go to the room open their storage, take money back to the shop then put the wallet back. 

However, our water park is so big, nobody wants to run a long way make such consumption. But this is a safety hazard, not enough water might make people feel tired and fall in a faint. As this happened last year, we even do not know who is him, no IDs, no phone, nobody knows. This was a big issue happened in our water park.

RFID silicone wristband products becomes the hero!
The boss has such a panic fear after that thing happen.

The engineer tapped the boss on the shoulder, said: the RFID wristband tag will never let such things happen.

It seems that the boss sees the light, said: how about my staffs? In summer I have to employ many staffs, after that period, I have to let them go.

Engineer: Once you applied RFID smart wristband, which is your staffs.

“Really?” the boss became a little happy.

silicone rfid wristband

Engineer: Certainly! All your problems will be solved and bring some extra benefits for you. Let me explain to you.

Silicone RFID Wristband Technology Works!
Fast Processing: Guests can register on the internet before they come with their name, phone number, families number, and address. 

You can send the RFID rubber wristband ticket by express. So that visitors can recharge on the internet for their ticket. At the same time, visitors can make any consumption in the water park with their RFID Bracelet. 

What’s more, every enters without queue up, just wave their waterproof RFID bracelet near the access gate, passed! How many staffs do you need? Actually no, or just one to monitor. How fast, 30 people per minutes I think.

More consumption: people no need pick out their pocket to buy something in your water park. Just wave their RFID chip bracelet, all money comes to your account. As they don’t actually see money leave pocket they will spend more.

Benefits of RFID security bracelet:
Health advantage: once somebody fall in faint, just read their RFID security bracelet, you can get all information on seconds, but others do not know without the according reader. At this time, make a call to their families and send to a hospital, their families will thank you.

Less staff: you do not need employ too many staffs, or ask some staffs to leave in the winter. Only a small number of staffs needed, they become experienced after year after year.

Data collection: you have the immediate insight into how foot traffics flow through the water park. you will get the form of what ages in the majority of your guests. at this time, do you have a blueprint for how to draw an even bigger crowd? Also, you have an idea when is the time to change some seldom visited equipment and add more some welcomed facility.

Advertising: you do not need extra cost for your advertising. The RFID Wristband ticket print your logo can be shown for everyone every place, it’s sounds nice, right? Before every summer coming, you can send some gifts to whoever visited your water park, that’s would be a big surprise for them, isn’t it? It’s hard for them to change to another water park, they are your longtime clients.

What’s more you can be the first magnate park among RFID bracelets amusement parks.


RFID wristband solutions achieved a water park magnate

The boss quite approves of the idea of engineer’s plan, with the help of engineer, this water park with full of RFID System and RFID Wristband. The next summer, a big achievement made!
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