Advantages of RFID:

RFID is automatic-identification & tracking technology, usually requires no line of sight for scanning, can be embedded but track accurate technology.

With many advantages, people applied RFID technology with their creation used in daily life. Here is a list of RFID based application for your reference, you can use your creativity and innovate more on this effect and spark your situation.

RFID Cable ties zip

1. Companies using RFID in the supply chain

Winning in the supply chain means increasing efficiency, improving quality, warehouse management, reducing errors. Cable tie identification tags used for clothes management in bulk, cable data collection, fire extinguisher regular checking. Items can be tracked from the manufacturer, shipping, and distribution by RFID equipment tags and transfer data in real time.

RFID zip tie is a kind of one-time use tag after destroying it can not use it anymore. It’s a good way for anti-fake.

rfid seals

2. RFID Seal for logistics

Logistic is an important role in the whole supply chain, plastic seal tag plays a role in the safety of logistics. Make every data in real time and visibility by an embedded RFID tag. 

Electronic seals for containers, for example, RFID seals like your monitor keeps eyes on your container. Once the container locked by the RFID seal, a UID number will be passed to the system. At each station, will read the UID number to make sure nobody opened the container. Also, you can know clearly the station of your items.

What’s more, the RFID seals help the station and custom check the goods, save time, it’s a good outdoor RFID tag.

RFID Laundry Tag

3. RFID Tag for Laundry

Commercial laundry tag is a kind of passive and waterproof RFID tag, which is good for laundry tracking and identification.

With an RFID laundry management system, operations can track which uniforms were assigned to specific employees, the age of uniforms, the number of times washed, and identify missing uniforms. RFID laundry tags provide a new level of visibility for laundry management.

Linen rent

Put RFID tags for clothing in textiles for warehouse and logistics management. It’s simple, controllable, effective and avoids confusion.

Garment laundry management:

Managing the process and times of garment laundry, calculating the warehouse and classify.

Social media:

Get fans of your brand, share news and information about your products. Help end customers know more about the product and anti-fake.

rfid tag for container

4. Asset Tracking

The RFID anti-metal tags are designed for tagging and tracking metallic assets in the manufacturing and logistics industries. Since most of machines and containers are metallic surface. But all of them have to be tracked for management.

Metal mount RFID tags give your IT team the ability to quickly do an inventory count and make sure everything is in place. Metal asset tracking managed by RFID anti-metal tag, make everything in order.

RFID Nail Tag application

5. RFID tree nail tag for wooden management

RFID nail tag is an RFID traceable identification device for trees and wood assortments.

Applicable to a variety of non-metallic items management, security inspection. What’s more, packaging logo, vehicle identification, park management, tree management, and other asset identification management system.

RFID nail industrial tags can tell you the age of the tree in the forest, the fruiting rate of the fruit trees, and store all details of trees and wooden. Sunny day or rainy day, the RFID tree nail tags are still workable outside. The glue protects the chip inside totally. It’s small size, looks harmonious when installing in the wood, pallet or trees. Big size for UHF chip, you can get the data at the distance of 60-70cm.

sign in checkpoint tag

6. RFID Checkpoint for identification and checking

RFID Checkpoint tag also calls the NFC token tag. In many units, such as communities, hotels, factories and mines, coal mines, oil fields, telecommunications, railways, public security, post and telecommunications, electricity, municipal, public transport, warehouses and so on.

Embedded RFID checkpoint tag and inspection system are very important, must strictly in accordance with the lines & time.

Contactless checkpoint machine can read the information without contact. And not affected by dust, rain, snow, ice and other environmental impacts, easy to use. It’s workable outdoor.

ESL Application

7. Retailers using RFID most popular– Electronic shelf label

Electronic shelf label to replace traditional paper price label, each ESL is connected with an emporium computer database. Displaying the latest product information like pricing. The E ink pricer successfully computerizes shelf label, no manual interference necessary, realize consistency between POS and shelf label.

Compare to conventional paper labeling, pricer e ink has multi advantages. The core value is that it enables store dynamic pricing control in a fast and accurate way. Implements head quarter remote control of sub store price. Easy for price strategy, less customer complains and lower labor cost, improve store image.

rfid tire tag applications

8. RFID Tire Tag for vehicles

Each RFID tire tag provides a unique number which can be associated with useful information such as manufacturers, production date and expiry date. The RFID system can capture the RFID tire patch tag information automatically, and since each ID is unique, the history can be used for preventive maintenance or tire replacement plan.

The RFID Solution on Tire management can automatically visualize and keep track of the flow of tires, moving in/out of the re-treading factory. The whole history of the tires can be linked with the vehicle ID and even which side it is being mounted onto.

blank rfid cards

9. RFID Cards for school

RFID card for school is a plastic identification card containing IC. They are also sometimes called “smart university cards” or “Contactless student cards”, “chip card”, ”smart ID card” depending on the type of card and the smart card vendor.

Printing RFID Cards made of PVC, PET material. Standard shape is credit card shape, 85.5*54mm or custom. Usually used for school students cards, ID badge, university cards.

It’s the key to the access control or E-payment ticket in the school.

nfc business card

10. NFC Business Card | Custom VIP Business Card

You can encode the website or personal information in your NFC card, take the card near the mobile. The NFC Business card actually tells the phone what to do and pass the information. So that the browser can link a website or contact information.

Wherever you go, you do not need hand your business card out, just take your card tap somebody’s mobile phone and take this back to your pocket.

Custom VIP business card is a useful and approach card.

If you go to a fair, you do not take a lot of business card, even everyone needs your business card, you just take one card and tap, tap, tap. The card size is regular, like a standard credit card will not take much place.

rfid key fob access

11. RFID Key fob for Hotel Key

Hotel with hundreds of employees and rooms, RFID hotel key fobs can help the attendance management and access control. The RFID hotel key fob like the identification cards and smart card in the hotel only permitted person can use the smart key to the door. It’s a good way to manage tools and assets.

These RFID Key fobs also can be used for access control, time and attendance, identification, logistics, tickets, membership solutions, cashless vending, Inner chip is passive chip, which gets power from the coil of the card in the magnetic field through card reader, is very convenient for hotels with the RFID lock.

festival rfid wristbands

12. RFID Wristband for event

With RFID wristband solutions you can know clearly:

* When attendees and visitors are coming in and leaving

* When and how people move around and which part is more welcome by your clients

* Where you may need to put more resources and ads to promote

* Whom you should introduce more information to attract them

* What types of interactions are taking place for the customer service

These silicone bracelets have been added with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology that has been widely used for a variety of applications: Payments / Hospitals / Swimming pools / E-tickets for events and festivals.

rfid waste bin tag

13. RFID Waste Bin Tag

The RFID Waste Bin Tag is designed to fit inside the existing chip nest located in most residential type bins. The tag is designed to be read in multiple picks up orientations, and suitable for side or rear lift applications use for bin tag definition.  Waste Bin Tag is available in LF 125 KHz, 134KHz.

The benefits of RFID Tag:

Easily to be screwed onto the specific area of the waste bin. With its robust housing, it could withstand the harsh environment under the daily operation.

The worm tag is specially designed to be applied onto bins. The tag works very well under harsh outdoor environments due to its solid exterior. The four mounting holes make it easy to attach the tag onto the item.

The RFID waste bin tag is specially designed for the harsh high impact and chemical environments that appear in Waste Management.

racing pigeon tracking devices rings

14. RFID Bird Ring

RFID bird ring is attached to leg bands–one tag per bird, every time a bird with a tag visits the RFID feeder, the bird’s identity is recorded along with the date and time of the visit.

125 KHz and 13.56 MHz Passive RFID bird tags with operating temperature range of -40 C ~ 80 C. Suited for RFID management of poultry and birds of all types for tracking and scientific testing applications. This RFID ring can also be used in other applications where a waterproof RFID ring form factor is desired.

What’s information we can get it from the RFID Bird Tag?

RFID is providing incredibly detailed information about the behaviors of our tagged birds. People are using technology to answer a variety of questions:

When do birds feed during the day?

How is feeding behavior affected by whether or competitors?

What influence does feeder location have on feeding behavior?

How are feeding patterns influenced by gender and dominance status?

And over time, people can track survival in our study populations.

custom printed nfc card

15. NFC Tag Sticker

NFC tag stickers are NFC Labels with NFC Chip embedded in paper, PET or other materials. Different sizes and shapes are available. We can custom print NFC Stickers with your Logo, Graphics, or serial number.

NFC tag stickers target applications include Out-of-Home and print media smart advertisement, product authentication, NFC shelf labels, mobile companion tags.

Target use cases include Out-of-Home smart advertisement, product authentication, mobile companion tags, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing, electronic shelf labels, and business cards.

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