RFID Wine Seal & Anti-Counterfeit Tracing Management System

Manufacturers the world over use security label and packaging solutions to safeguard goods from tampering, counterfeiting and diversionSecurity labeling not only authenticates products to consumers, but also protects the company’s brand and revenues in the marketplace. In addition, security labels can be used to monitor products as they travel through the supply chain.

With their rich functionality, security labels are used to protect high-value goods or easily counterfeited items such as pharmaceuticals, electronics and other consumer goods. The security measures may be overt, visible to the human eye, or covert, viewable only via special equipment.

1) Seal the deal with tamper evident labels

    Tamper evident labels are often used as package seals.Because they are impossible to transfer to other packages, these anti-tamper labeling solutions provide a powerful deterrent to theft and re-labeling.

2) Stop theft in its tracks

   Anti-counterfeiting labels serve as a powerful proof of authenticity for the simple reason that they are difficult to reproduce. Specific properties and features are incorporated into the label face materials which are unique to each manufacturer.

Anti-counterfeit labeling solutions can incorporate multiple features, including tamper evidence, and these features can be customized. Label materials serve as a foundation for security print technology, which enhances the effectiveness of a finished security label. An anti-counterfeiting label may also provide tracking and tracing functionality via variable information printing (VIP).

What our Porray-RFID can supply related anti-counterfeiting labels for your applications. 

RFID Wine Seal & Anti-Counterfeit Tracing Management System RFID Wine Seal & Anti-Counterfeit Tracing Management System RFID Wine Seal & Anti-Counterfeit Tracing Management System