Transportation RFID electronic seal

–The Application of the RFID Steel Seal tag and E-Seals in Container Shipping


International transport has become more and more frequent, due to the development of international trade. However, to make sure the security of items in the container is an important thing.

Logistics company & International buyer seek advice from many RFID tags vendors, hope they can introduce a suitable RFID tag for containers. There tags should be durable, easy to use, if price competitive that’s would be great.

So, RFID tags manufacturer focused on the development of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags in the logistics industry for many years.


After tested many times on shipping containers. RFID seal was proved. Traveled through ports, over borders, tracking trucks and on highways.


The result shows that using RFID e seals can increase supply chain efficiency, and improve the security of containerized cargo movements.


Now let’s see how does RFID seal for container solved all problems.


Who moved your cheese?


Trust is the key to the international trade, but there are always many unexpected things happen.


After so many discussion and negotiate,finally, you trusted the vendor who is far away from your country. With full expectation after paid the money and waited for a long time. However, when you open the container, it’s full of rubbish. What would you do?


You may roar to your supplier, but make no sense. Your supplier also faced the same problem with you. They made their effort and hope your repeated order, but now who moved the cheese?


At this time, both of you have to cost a lot of time to check who made this thing happen. The logistics company and insurance company have to be involved. But several days passed.


If you are luck enough, they will give you a good solution, Minimising your losses. There is no doubt, you got
loss. Your time, your energy, the best time to sell your products.

As for suppliers, suffered the same.

How to get rid of the nightmare to the buyers and sellers? During RFID tags manufacturer studied years, tested with different material. The RFID seal is the one.

Plastic RFID cable tie, it’s easy to manage the container, but can not bear the bad environment. If someone wants to destroy it, so easy.

Instead of the plastic material with steel wire, lucky enough, RFID e seals must be the best one.

Keep eyes on cheese


RFID Seals like your monitor keeps eyes on your container. Once the container locked by the RFID seal, a UID number will be past to the system. At each station, will read the UID number to make sure no body opened the container. Also you can know clearly the station of your items.


What’s more, the RFID electronic seal help the station and custom check the goods, save time.


As before, in the custom, they will say to your truck driver: hi man, please stop your car for one week, I have to open the container and check what put in. This is one of the scenes that you feel hopelessness before,
isn’t it?


Maybe this week is your best time to sale those products. Or one week waiting like a year especially your client push you in a crazy way.


However, the only way you can do just push your supplier like mad. This thing happened to one of my clients, she said to me, ‘I want to die’, I replied, ‘me too!’


But now, custom no need to open the container. they can clearly know what put in. Maybe they get X-ray vision eyes? Nope, it’s the RFID reader, get an eye contact with the RFID seal, and all thoughts of it. Certainly, must RFID writer encode the ‘thoughts’ before.

In this way, transportation becomes no delay, no need open up. The RFID seal like the guard protect your goods and update any information to you once arrive at any station. You can enjoy a bottle of wine during the
waiting of shipment instead of non-stop worried about.

RFID Steel Seals tag make sure the safety of the container


Some transportation by trucks, while empty trucks return, still need RFID Seals to lock it. In this way can avoid smuggling action.

The custom can scan the RFID seal to determine what in the truck and where is the destination. As well as the driver’s identity.

Once the truck reaches its final destination, the tag is read again with a handheld reader. To confirm the vehicle was not opened before, the seal did not be removed and reused. All data is stored in a database.

Keep your container safe, monitor your items always, contact me to get the RFID Seals and samples without hesitation. Because hundreds of thousands of RFID seals sent out from our factory, you can not miss this good RFID tag.

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