Implanted RFID Animal Microchip for Pet Management

Implanted RFID Animal Microchip for Pet Management

This RFID Animal Microchip tag is as small as a grain of rice to be implanted under the skin of the animal for identification purposes.
We can build a comprehensive tracking system to meet the varied and unusual needs of animal professionals from Veterinarians in the clinic to Animal Control Officers involved in cruelty investigations and seizures.
What we can supply:
1) A disposable syringe with a sterilized paper-plastic packing pouch
2) RI-GLA002 microchip tag
3) RFID reader / scanner

 Implanted RFID Animal Microchip
Technical Specification
     - Chip Type:   EM4305 or Optional
    - Dimension:2.12*12mm,1.4*8mm ( popular) , 4*32mm, 3*15mm, 2.12*8mm, 3.25*7mm
    - Encapsulation Materials :  Interior: Without lead and poison;  exterior: Biochemical Glass

    - Application Areas :    Cat, dog, experiment rat, pet mink, Gold Arowana, trout, horse, rabbit, etc.


   ● Companion animal identification      ● Lost pet reunification         ● Companion animal health record management 

Key benefits

    ● Error-free identification                    ● Universal readability                 ● Extreme durability  

    ● Fast and painless injection             ● Complete pet ID package

RFID animal tags

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