RFID UHF Animal Ear Tag for Cattle Tracking

RFID UHF Animal Ear Tag for Cattle Tracking

This RFID UHF Animal Ear Tag is specially designed for animal management and is commonly used for tagging cattle or similar sized animals.
It can greatly improve livestock tracking and identification processes to assist with traceability and disease control for the farming, ranching, feedlot and animal harvest industries. 

RFID UHF Animal Ear Tag For Cattle Tracking 

◆ Technical Specification

     -  P/N:RI-A10074
     -  Frequency:  UHF 
     -  Chip Type:  Alien H3
     -   Size: As shown in figure
     -  Material:     TPU
     -  Read range: 1~7m  ( Depend on actual environments and readers)
     -  Operating temperature: - 30 °C ~ + 85 °C

     -  Protocol available: ISO18000-6B, ISO-18000-6C (EPC Global Class1 Gen2)

Product Feature

   ● Harmless to animals
   ● Compact size and light weight
   ● High anti-collision
   ● Suitable for large sized livestock animals such as Animal, namely cows


   ●livestock management solutions 
     (to track animals from birth to harvest in compliance with food safety, locations, vaccinations and health histories, etc.)

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