Customized color washable 26mm RFID PPS laundry tag

Customized color washable 26mm RFID PPS laundry tag

RFID PPS Laundry Tags are used for tracking linens, uniforms, and other garments, which is made of PPS material for harsh environment. 

- PPS + Epoxy

- with one hole

- multi colors available

Washable 26mm RFID PPS Laundry Tag (RI-X003)

◆ Technical Specification

     -  P/N: RI-X003

    -  Dimension:   As shown in figure

    -  Frequency :  125KHZ / 13.56MHZ

    -  IC Chips:EM4305、 Fudan 08、Ntag213、I Code SLI-X

    -  Material :  PPS+ EPOXY

    -  Read Range: 5 to 40 cm (Depend on readers and tag size)

    -  IP Standard:  IP68

    - Operating temperature: -25ºC ~ 90ºC

    - Storage temperature :   -25 ℃ or +120 ℃ 1000hr;+160 ℃ 35hr ; +220 ℃ 30sec

rfid pps laundry tag

◆  Features

     1)  Washable identification tag (transponder) for garment application

     2)  Widely used in apparel items, garments, costumes, uniforms, patients’ clothing in hospital

     3)  Robust design for harsh laundry environment

     4)  Good chemical resistance, withstand corrosive laundry agents

 ◆  Applications

   ●   Tracking management
   ●   Linens/ Pallets/ Canvas bags

   ●   Use in hotel sheet  Attached to textile Work clothing

rfid pps laundry tag 02

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