ABS UHF Anti-metal Tag (RI-F02)

ABS UHF Anti-metal Tag (RI-F02)

This tag is packaged by ABS Plastic housing. 
We can encapsulate UHF microchips inside and equipment with speical material to let tag itself workable on nearly every surface, such as: Metal, Cardboard, Plastic and so on. 

ABS UHF Anti-metal Tag

◆ Technical Specification

      -  P/N: RI-F02

     -  Dimension: 82*41*8mm

     -  Frequency : UHF 860-960 MHZ

     -  Read Range:  1~8m --- [It depneds on actual application environment and reader]

     -  Memory :  EPC: 96 bits, User Memory 512bit 

     -  Material : Industrial-grade Plastic ( ABS)

     -  IP Standard:  IP67

     - Tagging Method:  Screwing/ Riveting/ Adhering

     ● Container management             ● Device Management                ● Asset management 

     ● Transport Tracking                      ● Energy Industry                          ● Manufacturing and Logistics
     ● Metal material management ( Tool and Rental Equipment )

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