Rayidea™ RFID Nail / Tree Tag

Rayidea™ RFID Nail / Tree Tag

With RI-D4010 nailed onto trees, an unique ID is given to each tree for easy identification. Information such as species, planted year and last assessed date can be stored in the central database with respect to different IDs. 

All stored information can be retrieved when the RI-D4010 is read by a handheld reader. Meanwhile, any assessment results and updates can be input into the database through the reader. 

This nail tag speeds up the assessment process, simplifies data update procedures and strengthens the entire management system. 

Rayidea™RFID Nail Tag
Technical Specification
    - P/N: RI-D4010
   - Material: ABS + Epoxy
  - Size: 6*36mm, 10*40mm, 28*41mm or customized
  - Operation Frequency: LF, HF, UHF
  - Chip: Optional ( NXP MF1S50, Alien H3, IMPINJ M4 and so on)
  - Installation :  First, make a hole in the wood or tree;  Then, insert nail tag with a rubber plastic hammer. 
                              (Reminds: Avoid drilling nail tag in the wood or tree directly, which will damage nail tag.)
Product Features
● Applicable on trees and plants
● Durable material 
● Unique ID  
● Centralized database
● Mobile reader


     tree identification, asset tracking, item identification