Plastic RFID Cable Tie Tag For Asset Management-Z003

Plastic RFID Cable Tie Tag For Asset Management-Z003

RFID Cable Tie Tag is made of robust PP for indoor and outdoor environment. It contains a POCKET, which can be encapsulated with HF or UHF antenna. It is widely used in asset management, logistics, equipment tracking and theft prevention. The durable zip tie design also makes it easy to fasten and provides a visual proof of tampering. 

RFID Cable Tie Tag for Asset and Container Management

◆ Applications: 

   - gas cylinder tracking                                                                    
   - Asset management                
   - Baggage tagging 
   - Pipes, cables, shackles  and lifting equipment

◆ Features: 
   - Easy to fasten       
   -  Durable, Highly visible, waterproof, Anti-corrosion
   - One-time use         
   -  Faster data collection

◆ Customization options available :
  -  Tag itself ‘s color, dimension                 
  -  Printing logo based customer graphic in vector format  
  -  Printing number, barcode, QR Code

  -  Chip memory encoding


- Material:Nylon Plastic

- Dimension:  320mm Band length

                     label: 55*29mm

(we can tailor-make different shapes for you) 

- Frequency:  HF 13.56MHz \ UHF 860 – 920 MHz

- Common chips: NTAG213, F08, Alien H3

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