Custom Print Fabric NFC Wristband For Events

Custom Print Fabric NFC Wristband For Events

Fabric NFC wristband solution is perfect for easy frequent access, special environments and rapid distribution. RFID Wristbands can be programmed for most NFC applications and are widely used for swimming pools, recreational and fitness centres, trade shows etc. and can accommodate access control, ticketing and location monitoring. 

These are comfortable to wear and difficult to lose, ideal for kids and events where rapid scanning is essential.
For one off events such as concerts, festivals or sports fixtures, the Fabric NFC wristband is a really economic answer for access and ticketing.

Fabric NFC wristbands for Event Promotion

Technical Specification

- Material: 1) Tag itself : PVC, PET --- thickness: Normal 0.76mm or Ultra thin0.4mm

                    2) Bracelet:   fabric/woven by thermal transfer printing

- Dimension: 40*25MM  36*25MM or customized

- Chip: MIFARE Ultralgiht® EV1,  MIFARE Classic® 1K,  NTAG 213, or your request 

- Applications:  Festivals, Sport Events, Concerts, Cinemas, Exhibitions, Theme Parks etc.

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