High Quality 134.2khz Waterproof rfid rabbit ear tag

High Quality 134.2khz Waterproof rfid rabbit ear tag

RFID animal rabbit ear tags are used by husbandman on ears to keep records of animal bloodlines, birth dates, vaccinations and other animal information. Without these tags, it would be difficult to manage the records of each animal, especially when entire herds are raised.

134.2khz Waterproof rfid rabbit ear tag 

* Specification:

P/N: RI-A1909
Size: male--19*1.9mm
Material: TPU
Color: yellow / white / green
Protocol: ISO11784/11785
Feature: IP67 stand,waterproof,sun-proof,soak-proof
Storage temperature: -40℃~90℃
Operating tempreature: -20℃~50℃
Weight: 2.5±0.1g  

* Feature:

Three color to choose from, and ear tags are very soft.

Overall materials, no metal, no need to worry it will rust to harm to animals

High quality material can hardy antifreeze heat. Durable, not easy to damage

Color is gorgeous and never decolorization, easy to Identify on the rabbit ears

Used with the professional ear tag applicators.

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