ISO14443A 13.56mhz ntag213 nfc pvc tag

ISO14443A 13.56mhz ntag213 nfc pvc tag

Near field communication (NFC).
It is a revolutionary technology to many existing consumer products and electronic industries.

It enables any NFC-equipped smartphone a magical power to interact with your traditional products.


• Personal use (place tag in your home, office, car, to enable security settings or programs)
• Marketing ( postcards, advertising, smart posters, tickets )
• Company (access control, products etc.)
• Social (tags, video, web, etc.)

 ISO14443A 13.56mhz ntag213 nfc pvc tag 

Technical Specification

     - Material: PVC
     - Size:30 (L) x 15 (W) x 1.2 (H) mm or customized 
     - Operation Frequency:  HF 
     - ChipISO/ IEC 14443A ,NFC Forum type 4(such as:Ntag213,216) 
     - Application: With dynamic NFC tag, it can fast transfer data to smart phone with NFC enabled (Android OS only). It can apply for many applications like Business card, Luggage tag, Pet tag and etc. With NFC Name Card App, there are 3 ID (3 different personal information) can be written on dynamic NFC tag. 

Product Feature  

   ●  ISO/ IEC 14443A ,NFC Forum Type 4

   ●  Read and Write/  Unique ID for data security

   ●  Different colors optional

NFC Sticker

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