long reading distance UHF RFID Nail Tag

long reading distance UHF RFID Nail Tag

Specially designed for non-metallic materials like wood, cement and plastic, our UHF RFID Nail Tag can be inserted into trees, pallets and other items for identification and tracking purposes.

 UHF RFID Nail Tag 

Technical Specification

    - P/N:RI-D2841

   - Material:ABS + Epoxy
  - Size:28*41mm 
  - Operation Frequency: HF, UHF

  - Chip:  F08, Alien H3

◆ Product Features

    ● Applicable on trees and plants                ● Durable material             ● Anti-corrosion 
    ● Unique ID                                                     ● Centralized database     ● Mobile reader

◆ Application

     ● Cement products management            ● Plastic products management   ● Tree management   

     ● Wooden products management           ● Park management

 How to install

          - Drill hole first

         - Push the nail into the hole slowly with rubber hammer

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