Rayidea™ RFID Nail / Tree Tag

Rayidea™ RFID Nail / Tree Tag

Specially designed for non-metallic materials like wood, cement and plastic, our nail tag can be inserted into trees, pallets and other items for identification and tracking purposes.  

Rayidea™RFID Nail Tag
Technical Specification
    - P/N:  RI-D3606
    - Material: ABS + Epoxy
   - Size: 6*36mm, 10*40mm, 28*41mm or customized
   - Operation Frequency: LF, HF, UHF
   - Chip: Optional ( NXP MF1S50, Alien H3, IMPINJ M4 and so on)
   - Installation :  First, make a hole in the wood or tree;  Then, insert nail tag with a rubber plastic hammer. 
                         (Reminds: Avoid drilling nail tag in the wood or tree directly, which will damage nail tag.)
Product Features
    ● Applicable on trees and plants          ● Durable material             ● Anti-corrosion 
    ● Unique ID                                               ● Centralized database     ● Mobile reader


     tree identification, asset tracking, item identification

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