Rayidea™ RFID Waste Bin Tag

Rayidea™ RFID Waste Bin Tag

RFID Waste Bin Tag is specially designed for automatic garbage collection.
It can be installed inside or outside of trash cans, and can be read by a RFID reader that is utilized by the drivers in the collection trucks.

Rayidea™ RFID Waste Bin Tag 
Technical Specification
     -  P/N:    RI-PR3015
    -  Dimension:    30mm diameter, 15mm thickness
   -  Working Frequency:    125 kHz/ 13.56Mhz / UHF 
   -  Material:  ABS + Epoxy
   -  IC:  optional ( TK4100,HitagS256 , T5577, Mifare classic 1K) 
  -  Operating Temperature:     -25 to +60 ℃
  -  Storage Temperature:   -40 to +70℃
  -  Weight:   10g

Product Features  

      Easy installation, Reliable,  consistent performance , Waterproof

◆  Applications  

     ●  waste management           
     ●  residential, commercial and industrial bin tracking   
     ●  recycling compliance monitoring

Waste Bin Tag