Washable UHF RFID Laundry Tag For Textile

Washable UHF RFID Laundry Tag For Textile

UHF RFID Laundry Tags have been specifically designed to be discreetly integrated into linen and various textile products used in commercial laundries and their customer sites such as hospitals and hotels.

Washable UHF RFID Laundry Tag For Textile

Product Specification

   - P/N: RI-X009

   - Dimension : 87*17mm or 60*20mm

   - Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester

    - Inner Chip: NXP U CODE 7m ( EPC Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C compliant )

   - Memory:  128 bits EPC, 32 bits user memory

   - Working Frequency : 902~928 MHz

   - Reading Distance: Fixed: 87*17mm: 7m (22 feet)

                                      Handheld: 87*17mm: 5m (16 feet)  

*The final read range depends on RFID Reading equipment and application environment.

   - Operating Temperature: -40~ 85℃ (-40~185℉)

   - Storage Temperature: -40~120℃ (-40~248℉), 50% RH

    - Tag lifetime: First of 200 wash cycles or 3 years from ship date.

Key Feature

    *  Optional dimensions for different needs

   *  Surpassed reading performance

    *  Good chemical and corrosion resistance

    *  Outstanding mechanical resistance


*  Automate operational process during laundry

*  Improve the accuracy of information between

   the laundry and its customers

*  Hospital uniforms & Hotel sheets tracking

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